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About GBN

GBN Worldwide is a global insurance network and think tank, an association of leading members of the (re)insurance and risk management community open by application to (re)insurance brokers, (re)insurers, risk managers and individual insurance professionals, and disciplines affiliated with the industry.

Within the GBN ecosystem, our members employ tens of thousands of people across the globe together writing or transacting tens of billions of dollars in premium.

Our mission is to continue to build and manage an ecosystem beneficial for all where our members can come together to do business, promote and sponsor thought leadership, and benefit from network wide initiatives to help them invest in their people, themselves, and their businesses.

Our vision is to ultimately shape the global conversation on (re)insurance and risk

Corporate Social Responsibility

At GBN we are committed to helping make this world a better place by using our knowledge, skills and global reach to support those in need. We are proud to be a member of Truecause, the insurance industry’s charity CSR crowdfunding platform. Truecause extends the reach and effectiveness of charitable giving campaigns for GBN members and the wider insurance community through a powerful combination of innovative technology and collaboration.​​

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Earth Insurance Network

The GBN Earth Insurance Network is our very own social network and membership portal for individuals as well as any person working within the GBN world where members can interact with one another, share their news and stories, and even enroll in one of hundreds of free courses from the Global Insurance Academy!

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Our Members Receive

The ability to provide local insurance service in any language anywhere in the world.

Access to every reinsurance market on the planet through our in-house Lloyd’s accredited wholesale platform with underwriting facilities.

In-house industry segment specialist teams

Technology platforms including compliance and capability libraries

Multinational prospecting tools with collaborative applications

A unified marketing team to advance internal and external brand awareness

Active social media presence

Representation at key events worldwide

A global compliance reporting framework

A continuing educational platform for staff

A unified support team to assist with growing individual CSR efforts through the World’s first insurance industry’s global crowdfunding platform